Life Vision Gone Missing?

Eagles have the most amazing eyesight, and they fly so high that they can get a really long view.

We humans tend to get stuck in the short view of what’s under our nose, up our nose, just missing our nose or ….

This often contributes to stress or anxiety… Read more

Wealthy Spirit Retreat

Desire a Wealthy Spirit?

It’s time to hold a Wealthy Spirit Retreat! Having written that, I’m uncertain of dates or where it might be held!
It adds a bit of excitement to life when we don’t know everything that is going to eventuate!
Yes, yes, planning issues, I know!
What is a Wealthy Spirit Retreat?
What will it encompass? A better question might [...]


Reflections: Yours and mine

This week’s photography theme is that of Reflections, which got me reflecting!
How do you feel when you you see a beautiful reflection such as the trees, sky and clouds in the still water of Lake Matheson…. (February 2015 in New Zealand)

…or the golden rays of the reflecting setting sun, dancing on peaceful waters in front [...]

Change Thinking

On My Belly!

This past week, ‘On my belly/back’ has been the theme. A bit of a challenge for getting up and down easily, so lateral thinking has also been required. Hence my photo of this beautiful Australian tree kangaroo on his belly, don’t you just love that caramel and honey coloured fur?
How often do you practise lateral [...]