Fear of the number 13

If you have this fear, you probably didn’t like seeing the number.
This morning I was on Radio 4BC for a few minutes, thanks 4BC, speaking about the fear of this number. Today being Friday the 13th, there is another related phobia: Paraskevidekatriaphobia which is fear of Friday the 13th.
Do you or someone you know have [...]



Is the topic for 4BC Radio 1116 in Brisbane in a few minutes.

Change Thinking

Flat Tyre?

Are you running on flat tyres? Do they need inflating? Find out by completing this fun activity.
Take a clean page and coloured textas and draw a large circle, then divide it into 8 equal pieces of pie. You can download the blank pie here.
Give the pieces the following names, or choose your own:

Finances, Spirituality, Relationship/s (for [...]


Happy New Year!!

Another year has gone by so quickly it seems. Children are growing up, grandchildren are growing up, and maybe I am too. I am currently in Brisbane as I type and soon to return to Christmas Island to once again work with asylum-seekers. A difficult, rewarding and interesting role which may become more so as [...]