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May, 2006

1.  What are you Addicted to?

2. Recipe: Passionfruit Butter Cake

Hi there!

I hope last month has been as wonderful as mine: Lots of relaxation, movies, get togethers with family and friends, and the weekend before Easter, on a perfect day, my gorgeous daughter was married! Who could ask for more? Well, actually there is more, because I have just finished full-time work commitments and had a couple of weeks off. Hence, we have skipped April for a newsletter as I have been focused on living life to the max! I am also much more available now, as regards hours and times for appointments. I’ve learnt some valuable lessons about living life to the max and decided to restructure my life so I could. May you have the courage to do the same.

Warm regards, Narelle

1. What Are YOU Addicted To?

Most of us would like to think we are not addicted to anything that could have a negative impact on us. When asked, we will say, “don’t be ridiculous!” Yet, the truth is, we can be addicted to other things besides drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or prescribed medication.

Addictions hurt!

For example, you might be addicted to emotional outbursts, sex, food, adrenalin, or relationships. There are people who will cause a fight, for the hit of adrenalin that comes with the surge of anger. There are those who must have the endorphins released by sex or foods such as carbohydrates or sugar.

Addictions are highly compelling (hence the term ‘addiction’) and of course, habit-forming. For those of you who have had some teaching in Levels of Consciousness, and the role your sub-conscious plays, you will understand that habits are the forte of your sub-conscious mind.

To break those habits requires working with your sub-conscious via (for example) hypnosis, timeline therapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), together with your conscious mind through strength of will, commitment, intellect and reason.

For your sub-conscious, habits are easy to acquire, as they just require repetition. Repetition of thoughts, actions and words you speak will help your subconscious to adopt good or bad habits. Just keep repeating them to yourself and others. Take a look at these negatives:

  • “I’ll never lose weight. I can’t. I only have to look at food and I get fat.”  (Your subconscious is listening and acting on your behalf.)
  • “I hate exercise. It does nothing for me.” (Of course not, especially when you won’t exercise consistently and get into the habit of it.)
  • “I rush into relationships, and give everything of myself and then he/she mistreats me. Why?”
  • “I keep trying to give up cigarettes. And I do, but it just grabs me again.” Trying to give up means you haven’t really committed to it. And the cigarettes ‘grab’ you, do they?

Repeating the same approach each time, in starting, living with or finishing a damaging relationship, is a habit, and is simply a reflection of your lack of self-worth. You deserve better, so stick to your guns. Otherwise, get out of there and stay out of there.

When you want to change, make a commitment and a conscious decision using willpower, intellect, reason, and motivation of your sub-conscious to firstly decide to change, and then stick to it. If you need help, call me now.

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2. Recipe: Passionfruit Butter Cake

This is so simple, so, pardon the pun, it takes the cake!


Buy a packet of butter cake mix and make according to directions.
Prior to pouring mixture into a ring mould, grease then pour 3 tablespoons of passionfruit (canned or fresh), into the mould.

Pour in cake mix and bake longer than directions indicate whether microwaving or using the oven.

Use a skewer to test.

(Trust me, I microwaved and it was pretty embarrassing to invert the cake over the wire rack and have uncooked mix slop out!  Use the skewer first!)
Make icing and add a little extra passionfruit.  When cake is cool, ice your cake.  Cut into slices and it’s delicious with coffee or for dessert.

[PS. Everyone loved it despite the near disaster!]