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March 2007

1.   Grab Anger and Frustration by the Throat!
2.  Recipe: Pikelets with Pizazz

Dear Reader

Gosh the month has gone so quickly and of course, this eNewsletter is very late.

We’ve been out to Mt Nebo for a wonderful breakfast, then off to Esk to visit my daughter’s new country property, out to Mt Ommaney to deliver training, and generally having a whale of a time!

This month, I thought I would pay some attention to managing frustration, (oh alright, I’ll tell you: I got lost in Mt Ommaney and that was as frustrating as…) and also world events can be very challenging for many of us.

Warm regards Narelle

1. Grabbing anger and frustration by the throat!

I don’t need to list all the things that can cause anger and frustration. We all know what they are for each one of us, and how it affects us. The more frustrated you are, the less tolerant or patient you are, results in release of toxic hormones through your body, and then over the long term, it starts impacting on the body with mysterious aches and pains, or digestive upsets or skin rashes and so on.

So, what can you do? It’s easy (well, it’s easy in theory!). All you have to do is learn patience, and the ability to let go….

Hah, I can hear you say, easy is it, well how come I am still frustrated (Because that’s what I said! :) )

Develop Patience or Be Patient?

Okay, let’s learn how to develop patience. To develop it, means you have to be it….

That means that when your thoughts hurtle towards your mind like a runaway freight train, you deep breathe, sigh out, and smile and say, “I love those thoughts running right on out of my mind” and imagine that freight train falling out the other side of your head and disappearing.

Next, you say, “I love being a patient person.” and laugh, and remind yourself that patience is about enjoying the moment, of being present now; of laughing and smiling and taking control of your emotional state now.

Next, and this is the really really important bit, remind yourself that staying calm, tolerant, and relaxed is very good for your blood pressure, will help you to digest your food easily, and have beautiful smooth skin, and attract wonderful people and opportunities….

And doesn’t that feel good now? Yes it does.

How objective are you?

Patience occurs when you are able to be objective about a situation. As I said to someone a couple of weeks ago, about being stuck in traffic, “it’s a beautiful day to just sit here and admire it!” (It’s so much easier to dispense advice, isn’t it?) And even if it was raining, to just sit and relax and deep breathe feels great.

Being patient means that you are forgiving of yourself and of others. So, you were 5 minutes late, does that mean the earth will shatter?  You forgot to buy milk? Will you really starve to death? You forgot to put fuel in the car? You’ve just saved the planet some carbon…

Think about it, when you are frustrated and angry you are not very pretty or handsome, and wouldn’t you rather be attractive and wonderful in mind and body? Of course you would.

Quickest, easiest way to dissolve anger and frustration?

Take a big slow deep breath in, hold for 5 seconds, then let go really slowly as you breathe out. Do this 3 times and you’ll feel the difference.

As you breathe, say these words slowly, “Reeeeeelaaaaaax nooooowwww….. Let my shoulders goooooo…. Let my jaw drop open…. Keep breathing and just think of breathing and letting go, that’s very good, that feels better, yes it feels better, yes, I am doing good.”

Frustration is often about being tired (so take better care of yourself), not drinking enough water (so drink more water and less of everything else), not exercising enough or at all, not eating properly so your mind is not well-nourished, and not playing and having enough fun!

Follow these simple ideas and you will soon be sparking on all cylinders.

Remember, “there’s things you can change, and things you can’t, so have the wisdom to know the difference.”

Do the things you can change, or stop griping about them!  You’ll be lots better off if you “accept what is, and accept what is not.”

Master’s Wisdom!

Master says,

“Let’s play!  Let’s have fun! You’ll increase your endorphins and I’ll purr.”

 2. Recipe: Pikelets with Pizazz                                           

See the tip at the end of the recipe for big fat pikelets!
1.  2 Cups SR flour & 1/2 cup sugar – Combine in a bowl.  
2.  Add 2 eggs and 1 cup milk and mix with a wooden spoon.
3.  Next, combine a good tablespoon of golden syrup, 1 tablespoon butter and 1/2 cup boiling water and mix until butter and syrup dissolve.
Once dissolved, add it to your flour, eggs and milk mix.
4.  Beat for a few minutes and let stand for 30 minutes.  (If the mix is over-aerated, pikelets don’t turn out as well.  Having said that, who has time to wait 30 minutes???)
5.  Lightly grease or spray a frypan and heat it until fairly hot – about 3/4 temperature rather than full heat.
Pour in enough for 4 pikelets (depends on size of frypan) and cook until the surface of the pikelet is bubbling all over, then turn.
If you like big fat pikelets, use less milk, so the mixture is thicker.
6.  Serve with grilled nectarine slices, (Just slice and heat gently in the frypan, with a smidge of butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar) a dollop of yoghurt, or fresh strawberries and cream.
Oh yeah!  That’s good!!