6 Ideas For Anxiety

Anxiety and panic disorders are quite debilitating and when taken to extremes may prevent you from going out, or doing things you want to do. Even simple, enjoyable pleasures such as shopping, or catching up with friends for a coffee may become too hard to even contemplate.

There are some simple things that many others before you have done, which may make a difference to your view of yourself and how you feel and it is important to remember that it is possible to feel great, confident and happy unless your situation is unresolvable.

Some people are naturally happy and upbeat, and most people can learn to be relaxed, happy and confident, and that may lead to improving self-esteem.

Take 15 minutes and give the tips your best shot!  Of course, this is by no means the be all and end all, it is simply to get you started in thinking differently about anxiety and panic.

1.  Be optimistic. Life has many ups and downs and to manage your internal state it is important to be appropriate in that situation.

Being optimistic means that you will be less likely to get emotional, because your subconscious mind will look for the positives and respond positively, which means feeling more relaxed, doesn’t it now?

2.  Be Mindful. When you are mindful you are able to be aware of your emotional state, that of others, and your options in your situation.

When you collapse into your emotions you cannot think clearly; it is really hard to think with clarity and may be a part of depression, stress and anxiety and other illnesses when you lose that ability.  Be in the now and enjoy the moment.

3.  Deep breathe. Breath really is life, and taking three slow deep breaths in and out through the nose causes a physiological reaction inside, when you begin to slow down, so everything slows down with you. Your heart rate slows, your pulse slows, your mind slows and clears. Do it now, breathe slowly and deeply and visualise breathing in calm and confidence on each in breath, and visualise letting go stress and tension on each out breath.

4.  Know that what other people think of you is none of your business!  Ouch! What someone else thinks of me must surely be my business, isn’t it?  UH UH, no it’s not.  It’s their business so stop it now. Imagining the worst means that your subconscious mind responds to the worst scenario. So, test it out, imagine the best outcome possible and feel better now.

5.  Understand that your thinking creates your reality with self-fulfilling prophecies. The more you put out those positive and optimistic thoughts and feelings, the more you will be able to cancel out or rescind those negatively impacting thoughts and feelings.

You see if you have a good thought, followed by three ‘bad’ thoughts, you will feel anxious. Simple maths, really. So, more good thoughts about yourself, your world, other people and that gives more room for great feelings of being calm and peaceful.

Carry the sunshine on the inside!

6.  You are already hypnotised into your old anxious state, so it is time to rewrite your script with a new and powerful and exciting dream for the future, and focus on it with great delight.

Picture this:  ”I’m too anxious to do anything, I can’t even get out of bed, and my hair needs washing, and everything in my room is a mess.” Yucko! Now scrub that picture out, and really imagine this for yourself, as if these are your positive thoughts: “Freshly showered, just had a delicious and nutritious meal, and have just written a list of goals to easily achieve. I see myself achieving those goals confidently, quickly and easily.

I feel in control and happy because I am doing what I want to with purpose, focus and commitment. I feel calm, relaxed, confident and strong, ready to face the world and I look and sound that way too.”

When you imagine it, you’ll believe it, then you’ll see it happen.

If these 6 quick tips have been of benefit now and moved your anxious state to one of curiosity or some peace inside, that is wonderful.  It would be good to keep practising them so that you retrain your mind and body to help you.

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