Flat Tyre?

Are you running on flat tyres? Do they need inflating? Find out by completing this fun activity.

Take a clean page and coloured textas and draw a large circle, then divide it into 8 equal pieces of pie. You can download the blank pie here.

Give the pieces the following names, or choose your own:

  • Finances, Spirituality, Relationship/s (for your personal partner if you have one or want one), Family, Health and Fitness, Work or Career (could choose Professional or Personal Development instead), Community, Creativity

Next, rate your percentage of satisfaction for each piece of pie with the centre of the pie circle being zero per cent, the outside of the circle is 100% and mark a fat dot where you rate yourself. I never give myself 100% as I want room to grow.

Connect the dots with a different colour pen and see if your tyre is round and smooth, or is it deflated, depressed, lumpy?

Ready? Change your thinking and keep the change: choose a piece of pie to work on, and select one that has the potential to influence everything else.

If you know exactly what you want to do, or need to do, or how to be, or what you “ought, should, or must do” then write it next to or on that slice of pie. Colour your pie so that you have a visual representation of each slice, or draw what you want in the pie. Make your wording positive!

Be bold! Be brave! Surprise yourself!

It can be quite surprising what shows up in your life when you complete this pie. And who doesn’t want a bigger slice of pie??

Post the page where you will see it often and let it remind you of how you want to roll through life.

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