Death of 2015

That title probably sounds a little macabre and I would cautiously agree that 2015 may be looked at as a ‘dead loss’ by some, glad to be rid of it by others, and as a repository of hopes and dreams for others.

I’m wondering which category you fall into?

Death is often the conjurer of much sadness and while it can be, I seem to be wired with a philosophical thought that goes like this: We are born, we live, we die.  It is the cycle of life and death. God’s cycle. Nature’s cycle.

We can choose to dwell in the past whether that’s re-living happy times or sad, or we can choose to be in the present moment. Being present and staying calm are different sides of the same coin and I have experienced this just as much as you. Achievable, although it’s not always an easy task. I have found for myself that I sometimes need to take myself to task and be firm with myself to do the meditation required in order to bring peace!

The silly thing is that as soon as I have meditated and feel soooo much better, I have to laugh at myself for not clearing the deadwood of thoughts, tension and energy loss, so much sooner.

It’s good to have the death of stress, tension and circular thoughts in order to make room for living in peace, comfort and easy conscious thinking. May you see beauty in both death and life.

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