Life Vision Gone Missing?

Soar Like An Eagle

Eagles have the most amazing eyesight, and they fly so high that they can get a really long view. They then focus on the goal, and with single-minded determination they go for it!

We humans tend to get stuck in the short view of what’s under our nose, up our nose, just missing our nose and miss what’s going on.

Stressed? Anxious?

Taking the short view often contributes to stress or anxiety because when you are embroiled in something it may be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking and then it’s very hard to think clearly to resolve your problems.

Is it time for you to step up and back and and maybe outside yourself to have a clearer view to be able to observe what’s going on in your life?  You too can soar like an eagle and have the long-view vision for your life. After all, if you don’t soar like an eagle you might be hanging out down there with turkeys!!

Vision actually begins with knowing, understanding and identifying your satisfaction with all the spokes of your wheel of life. Then it’s about determining and bringing into conscious awareness your values that you want to dominate in those life sectors. Our values tend to drive us sub-consciously and without that awareness we may find that self-sabotage values habitually over-rule the ones that we know ought to be on top!

By sorting your values, and developing action and commitment plans that will support and uphold your vision, life becomes much easier. It’s like being in a helicopter and seeing the road-map laid out so clearly below you.

If you’d like to know more, or help to work on it, I have all the forms and can support you to do that.

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