May, 2005

1. Let’s Get Confident
2. Thai Pumpkin Soup

Hi there!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums. I got treated to breakfast and felt nicely spoilt.  How about you?

Cheers, Narelle Stratford

1. Let’s Get Confident!

Confidence is as much about your perception of yourself, as it is about the things you do. Many people build confidence through their actions. For example, becoming good at sports, school or your job, will build your confidence.

When it comes down to self-perception, a lot of people have thoughts that interfere with feelings of self-confidence. Those undermining thoughts such as the following will create negative feelings: Do I look all right? Am I doing the right thing? Should I have done it this way? Have I made the right decision?

The feelings that get triggered often produce stress and anxiety.

To change this so that you gain self-confidence, every time you notice those thoughts, ask yourself a few questions: Whose voice is that? Is it the voice of Mum? Dad? A Teacher? Your own? No matter whose it is, tell that voice to be silent because you’re in charge of yourself now, and there are now better ways for you to do things.

If the voice isn’t silent, imagine it is in Mickey Mouse’s voice and coming from your big toe! That should be enough to make you laugh and laughter will relax you so that you feel more confident!

If those thoughts don’t go away now, then kick Mickey Mouse and his voice from here to the moon and feel great that you’ve taken a stand for yourself.

Act Confidently

Another way to build confidence is to dress and act the part. That way, the acting becomes easier and one day soon, you’ll find that you’re not acting any more and confidence comes easily!


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Thai Pumpkin Soup

Fry finely chopped: 1 onion, 2 cloves garlic, 2 hot chillies, small handful fresh coriander; until lightly brown.

Add 500gr chopped small pieces of skinned Japanese pumpkin, enough water to cover and simmer until soft.

Then add ½ can coconut milk and stir through until hot but do not boil.

Blend to smooth texture and serve garnished with a sprig of coriander. Delicious!