LIVE IT UP eNews!      September, 2006

Hi There!

Well, it’s my birthday as I write this (Thursday August 31), and certainly a time for reflection as I have just turned 50. Consciously, I know that for me to live life fully and completely, I shall direct my thoughts to being physically young and healthy, mentally wise, and emotionally mature.

That’s except for when I let the kid out to play (psych lingo for my inner child), which I did on Saturday night with a wonderful party. I love life, and love helping people to grow, to laugh and to love.  Let’s keep on doing it!

Warm regards, Narelle

About Love

Love, as most of us know it, is an attachment to another person, an animal, or even work or a hobby. People say they love doing this, they love doing that, they love this person, they hate this person and so on. Yet love in its highest spiritual form is not about any of those things.

Love in its highest form is unconditional love that flows from your High Self to everyone: man, woman or child, black or white or some other colour, good person or convicted murderer or rapist.

How many of us could hold this unconditional flame of love in our heart for murderers, those we disagree with, those we have divorced, separated or just plain run away from? Not too many. And the reason why?

Because at heart we are children, that is, on an emotional level we have a child inside of us, and our child lives for and by the desires of the senses, and the emotions.

Our little child loves to enjoy anything via the physical senses of taste, touch, sight, smell and sound. Our little child loves to be attached to people, things, animals or objects.

Say hello to your Inner Child

And our inner child can just as easily turn off that attachment.

If you have ever seen the inside of a divorce court, you may know what I mean. When attachment dries up, it can be difficult although not impossible to renew it’s flow.

What do you value?

What causes attachment to disappear? Many things. Mostly it is to do with breaking boundaries of trust and respect. When you are in a relationship, be it of a personal, friendship or business nature, it is essential to map out your values around trust, respect, honesty and integrity.

You have to figure out exactly what these values mean to you through the ways you can demonstrate these values. Sometimes it’s easier to figure out when a value has been transgressed or broken, then it is to determine the exact boundaries required of trust, respect, honesty and integrity in the first place. However, that’s when ‘consequence’ can be a serious teacher and learning occurs after the event, as the value of hindsight kicks in.

What are your boundaries?

Boundaries are like fences. If a fence is very badly damaged, then whoever lives inside the fence may not feel safe any more, and despite rebuilding that fence, may not be able to feel completely safe unless certain controls are put in place over other people, or him or herself.

Fences can be mended, if the break is not too bad. And of course, this may take time, precision work and dedication to the job at hand.

Most couples don’t take the time to understand what their personal boundaries or fences consist of, let alone for their relationship. Do you know what are the best boundaries and fences for your relationship?

In most relationships, boundaries take shape and often in an unspoken yet seemingly mutually agreed upon process. Usually, it is not until consequences kick in, that you can grasp what you would do differently, next time.

What are your beliefs about relationships?

Do you hold beliefs about your relationship? If you do, ask yourself what values you hold dear to your heart and soul? Values will help you to fathom what is important and what you will tolerate, whereas beliefs are usually formed from experiences and those beliefs are held onto rigidly, despite contradictory evidence.

Values give us flexibility and allow us room to change our beliefs, so that our values and beliefs end up being aligned and congruent together.

When you need help to determine your values and what’s most important to you, just give me a call. In the meantime, remember to meditate on love and you will come up with concepts and values as old as time itself.

Here’s to loving you and me, because you have to love yourself first in order to accept love. And, here’s to unconditional love – keep striving for it and it may one day be yours.

Call now, for any problems associated with a broken heart.

Garden Tip!

Do your roses get aphids? Aphids can cause weak and mottled leaves with tiny white webs under them. They can also destroy your flower buds.

Aphids are small soft-bodied insects that are usually brown, green or red in colour. The aphid sucks plant juices from tender buds and cause a lot of damage.

Malathion or diazinon spray may help roses to survive these bugs but so do natural garlic sprays and elderberry sprays (either or, not together) and you can also plant clover under the rose bush.

Don’t spray in high temperatures or high humidity, as the heat can cause damage when the moisture evaporates and oils in the mix can basically fry (it’s called phytotoxic burn).

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