Live It Up eNews                                                                            September 2005

1. 9 Easy Steps to Happiness

2. Recipe: Chicken Linguine

Hi there!

Gosh the month has disappeared so September’s edition is late! What have I been up to this month? Well, it’s been birthdays and parties and lots of good fun, plus a couple of days up at beautiful Caloundra. You just can’t beat beachwalks, and sipping a coffee by the water.

And then there’s the comraderie of family, with laughter and love. Just by working on loving yourself first, and seeing what is lovable in you, you will radiate good vibes to yourself and others! Here’s to love!

Warm Regards, Narelle


Laughter The Best Medicine!

A little girl was visiting her Grandad and had noticed a bowl of almonds sitting on the coffee table. Without thinking, she munched away and realised that she had eaten all of them, leaving none for Grandad. She said sorry to her grandad, feeling very bad. Grandad smiled and said kindly, “that’s okay honey. I just suck all the chocolate off first because I can’t chew them…..”

What can Hypnosis work on?

Gosh, the list is so long, it’s probably easier to say anything! Hypnosis has been successfully used for giving up smoking, weight loss, self-esteem, pain relief, self-confidence, stopping nail-biting, relaxation, stress management, weight gain, anxiety, depression, phobias, control issues, anger management and …..

1. 9 Easy Steps to Happiness!

  1. Do something you love to do – whether it’s dancing, working or playing and keep doing it throughout your entire life. When we do something we love, it’s as though it energises us and makes us glow!
  2. Live right – have strong morals and ethics so that you have strength of will and integrity. The word ‘integrity’ means wholeness and completeness, to complete things, and by extension, to be accountable.
  3. Think about your life – are you making others accountable? Are you pushing responsibilities onto others? It’s time to grow up – to mature – and take responsibility for yourself.
  4. Think right! Do your thoughts permit you to be comfortable in your own skin? Or do they buzz around sounding like Dad’s disapproval, Mum’s put-downs or someone else’s scathing tone of voice? There’s a great ‘Worry Space” exercise you can get from me to help deal with that. Happily (not seriously) are your thoughts positive, uplifting and supportive of you? If not, how come? It takes practise, but you can do it. Start wearing a rubber band, and every time you notice a negative or hurtful thought, flick yourself with it. In time, you won’t have as many negative thoughts, because we don’t like pain and don’t want to feel that sting of the rubber band. Then, start praising yourself for being aware and taking care of yourself.
  5. Act right! Act appropriately for the situation you are in, and the people you are with. You can still have fun and be yourself, just don’t go to extremes. If you are in a business meeting, don’t come across as a sex symbol. If you’re out with your love, don’t be stuffy and business like where romance is concerned.
  6. Drink right. Don’t drink alcohol to excess, don’t do drugs and take care of yourself with good nutrition.
  7. Play right. Play a sport or do something active to keep your body fit and healthy – you’ll thank yourself in your golden years.
  8. Laugh and love right! When you are enjoying yourself, tell yourself “I’m having a great time.” Love someone – tell them. Love is only dependant on being who we are, so laugh and love each other with that in mind.
  9. Forgive yourself first and all barriers will break down. Whether you are right or they are right doesn’t matter. What matters is that forgiveness means you have learnt any lessons you can and let go for good.


2. Recipe: Chicken Linguine

Dice 2 chicken breasts and marinate in 30mls lemon juice, and chopped fresh basil and rosemary for an hour.

Saute 1 chopped onion, 4 cloves garlic in 2 tbspns olive oil, then add the chicken, and 1 roughly chopped tomato.

When almost cooked add 1 jar of pre-prepared tomato sauce and simmer for 15 minutes.Immediately, put linguine pasta on to cook as per packet directions.

Just prior to serving, drop ½ cup chopped brie cheese (minus rind) into chicken sauce and melt for a couple of minutes.

Top pasta with sauce and decorate with a sprig of rosemary. Oh Yumm!