LIVE IT UP eNews!                                                                      November, 2006

1. On Healing

2. Recipe: Curried Vegies

Hi There!

Well, I’m back from Sydney and even more excited than ever!   The month has only just slowed down and now it’s November. What happened to October? This month, I want to get my Christmas Cake and a Christmas Pudding made, so I’ll check in next month and let you know how I’ve gone. Sometimes goals are the simplest ones imaginable and we don’t make time or take time to pull them into being. Remember, you’re in charge!

Warm regards, Narelle

1. On Healing

Good health and healing have always been a priority for me; I guess that would be a given as I have been studying it for the past 25 years or so!


Aura healing

I began my journey into healing worlds when I attended a Matthew Manning laying on of hands healing workshop, all those years ago. That was when I first realised that I could feel the aura, sense things about someone else’s body, and attempted my first meditation. Gosh that was hard! I’d love to say that it came easily to me, but it didn’t.

Spiritual Healing

What did come easy to me was the calling I felt for all things spiritual and natural when it came to health. My journey was long and winding, and in essence, I guess you could say I was a “Workshop A-holic”! I searched out there for that magic key to the universal storehouse of knowledge, but in the end I attended the training programme that taught me how to really get results when I turned within.

Sub-conscious Healing

Dr Rosita Rodriguez from Arche International was my teacher and inspiration to become a psychologist, and of course, that’s when I met my wonderful sub-conscious who is in charge of all health-related matters.

Healing has many guises, and my thoughts have been going back to the hands off ‘auric’ work that I used to do, to assist people in the healing process for physical ailments. There is something very special about taking people through healing processes whether it’s for mental anguish or physical ill-health.

If you would like to experiment with this, just imagine that your left hand is channelling love in from your Higher Self, and with your right hand, direct it to your body where it needs it.

You may feel your palms begin to warm, your fingertips tingle or you may feel nothing at all. It doesn’t matter what you feel, it matters what your intention is, and that is to love sending love to yourself. Send love to every part of you, and every particle of you and even the unhealthy parts of you!

The more you love yourself, the healthier you will become. The more you accept that you are a perfectly imperfect human being becoming, the more you can laugh and know you are perfect right now, just as you are, warts and all!

If you would like to experience hands-off healing give me a call!

Book in Now!

Now is the first moment of the rest of your life. Decide to live it in good health and abundance, doing positive and constructive things and surrounding yourself with positive people in the spirit of love, health and happiness. (Dr Rosita Rodriguez)

Give thanks now for all of the abundance coming to you now, and be grateful for all that you have. Someone else somewhere doesn’t have a roof over his head, or a toilet, or fresh water from a tap, or a bed, or food… give thanks and be grateful for all you do have.

Christmas Gift Ideas!

I hate throwing out calendars that have gorgeous photos in them, so this is a clever way to recycle and save money. Turn last year’s calendars into beautiful framed pictures and give to friends and family for unique gifts.

Make your own scented body oils very simply. All you do is purchase some pretty shaped glass bottles (check the internet for suppliers), and fill with grape seed oil (supermarket) and a few drops of pure essential oil. How much oil you add will depend on the size of the bottle, but in general, less is more. Using too much will be overpowering, so start slowly and add a couple of drops at a time. Mix together well, and then package in tissue paper, ribbons and bows with ornamental fruit on the side.

Grape seed oil is great for massage, and you can choose lavender (soothing), chamomile (relaxing), orange (stimulating) or rose (romantically stimulating). Good for skin and great for stress.

Go to Simple Savings for wonderful Gift ideas and downloadable Gift Vouchers that you can create, such as: My Gift to you today is a full body massage, from me! It is a brilliant site and well worth the $17 to become a member.

2. Recipe: Curried Vegies

Chop a potato and wedge of pumpkin into small cubes and 3/4 cook in a small amount of water.  Put them to one side until later.

Use 1 tbspn olive oil and heat in medium size saucepan, then add a couple of cloves of garlic – finely sliced, and 2 to 3 tbspns Curry powder, and 2 medium strength chillies finely chopped, plus one onion finely chopped as well.
Fry up until garlic and onion is softened, and mix through with wooden spoon.

Next, add 1 can coconut milk and mix well, stirring curry mix through.
Now add pumpkin and potato, and add small segments of broccoli, green beans and sliced celery and stir through, over a low to medium heat.

To thicken your sauce, mix 2 tbspns cornflour with 1/4 cup water and then stir into the sauce, stirring all the time to combine well. Within minutes the sauce will begin to thicken so keep stirring so it doesn’t stick.

Put lid on saucepan and simmer for a couple of minutes until greens are just cooked. Check it frequently, so sauce doesn’t stick. Serve in a bowl with roasted almonds sprinkled on top and it is YUMM!