Happy New Year

Live It Up eNews!                                                                                  January 2010

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1. Inner Child Therapy

2. Recipe: Prawns in Rice Paper Rolls

Dear Reader

Firstly, let me wish you a wonderful year ahead full of love, laughter, fun, excellent health and prosperity. With love, laughter and fun, you can get through anything. Without it, if health and prosperity aren’t all the best you can be the best now, then life is not as easy and flowing, is it? So, love, laugh and take care of you.

This year has kicked off with a bit of excitement.  It’s funny isn’t it, how things turn out sometimes? I stayed home these holidays and at the back of my mind I kept thinking, I’d really like a weekend away.

While the wet weather is great for the dams and farmers, it’s not so good for weekends at the beach, and I have been catching up on office stuff that got away from me, and filling the new bookcase at the office (which does make the garage look heaps better!) and catching up with friends.

Still, I’d like to go to the beach for a weekend and this is the last weekend coming up, so it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. Oh well… and you know how it goes.

Then, GOLLY GOSH, GOOD GRIEF, GUESS WHAT? GUESS WHAT? I WON a VODAFONE COMPETITION!! That’s right, I am still reeling from the shock of it as I only found out yesterday (Tuesday Jan 5). I missed a call while speaking with another friend and when listening to the voicemail, discovered that I had won the Vodafone competition which I’d entered because I bought a new iPhone on Vodafone (my plan has 2 months free, FREE iPhone and $400 worth of calls, 1 GB data and FREE internet access and 100 text messages a month – more about that later.)

“WHAT DID YOU WIN? STOP BABBLING NARELLE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WON.” Read here to find out what my stupendous prize is…

I give thanks to my beautiful subconscious who has created this opportunity for me so I get my weekend away!

May 2010 be full of all the good things in life you can dream about and bring about with the power of your Inner Child.

Warmest wishes, Narelle

1. Inner Child Therapy: by Narelle Stratford

Your Inner Child (also referred to as your subconscious mind) can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Like any child though, the more you mistreat your own inner child the less rapport you have within, and the more divided you will become. This means that your inner child will be unco-operative, and you may feel in conflict over things be they small or large.

For example, you give yourself permission to take time out, and you do and you enjoy it. Then, some time later maybe next week, you know you have to get some work done after hours and you resist staying back late, or doing housework in the early morning or after work, because you know you deserve time out.

What’s happened is that the sub-parts in charge of time out and completing work, become sub-parts that are in conflict. When conflict occurs, nothing gets done without a struggle or it may not get done at all.

I think I created a sub-part that says, “Yoga and stretches are all you need for exercise requirements” and now that I have begun Boot camp training I have a sub-part that’s rebelling like crazy and is certainly causing injuries. So, I have been doing a lot of work on myself and clearing madly to get this sub-part on side. It’s in conflict with the part that says “I love being fit and healthy” so parts integration is required.

Words have so much power over our Inner Child because words paint pictures that our child treats as real. Everything is real for your Inner Child. That scary movie that you were frightened in, and yet told yourself not to be so stupid? That was your Inner Child responding as if the movie was real.

Logic makes no difference at this time, and neither does your ego because this is a little child who is finding the movie scary. As about 1/6th of the brain’s resources are devoted to the conscious, logical mind and roughly 5/6th’s is devoted to the subconscious, the subconscious is always going to win over logic because it runs your emotions and your imagination.



Ego wants to preserve Identity

It is your ego that beats you up and criticizes you when you make mistakes because you are not living up to the ego’s image of itself, i.e. yourself.

Sub-parts may also be supportive and encouraging and it depends on how much you have loved, accepted, praised, validated and supported yourself as to how co-operative your Inner Child as a whole, is going to be.

There are definitely parts we can do without, and parts that we can develop more, as well as working with the overall Master of your subconscious mind, on a one-to-one basis.

The more that you are firm, loving, and speaking often to your Inner Child, the more your Inner Child will respond positively to change old behaviours and please you.

The more that you neglect your Inner Child and leave your child alone all day every day, the more likely it is that your Inner Child will demonstrate destructive habits and refuse to change old patterns of behavior. You have ample opportunities to speak with your child, everytime you notice you are hungry or tired, or excited or unhappy or angry or peaceful or enjoying yourself, this is an opportunity to acknowledge your Inner Child and really be a lovely friend to yourself.

If you need more information, or would like to actually meet your Inner Child and build a sound, loving rapport, and get well, then do give me a call.

2. Recipe: Prawns in Rice Paper Rolls


This is a quick, healthy and delicious meal or snack.

Quantity peeled prawns, finely shredded lettuce, grated carrot (like thin noodles), finely grated fresh ginger, finely grated clove of garlic, lemon juice, salt and cracked pepper to taste.  And of course, the rice paper to wrap everything in.

Start by mixing the ginger, garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper together. Not too much lemon or the liquid will make the rice paper break.

Lay out a rice paper (which you have softened in hot water and shaken off any excess water) then on top of rice paper assemble lettuce, carrot and a teaspoonful of lemon mix over the salad, then three prawns on top, and wrap up.

Delicious, low fat, nutritious!

You could also serve this with the lemon sauce mix as a dipping sauce, and vary the salad ingredients.