About Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy

A hypnotherapist is someone who is trained in hypnosis, and is able to use that training to help people with many different issues.

Many people think that hypnosis is something that happens to you while you sleep, but as every hypnotherapist knows, hypnosis occurs when you access a different level or state of consciousness. You certainly aren’t asleep, and the sensation of being hypnotised may or may not be one of deep relaxation now.

Hypnosis has been scientifically validated, and has been used to provide positive suggestions to the listener for the purpose of, for example:

  • Losing weight
  • Gaining weight
  • Giving up smoking
  • Gaining confidence
  • Being more assertive
  • Tapping into creativity
  • Memory enhancement
  • Accelerated healing

These are just some of the areas that hypnotherapy has been used in, and there are so many more it is impossible to list.

Why does hypnosis work?

When you are in a trance state (would you like to be hypnotised now or later?), which is nice and relaxed, your conscious mind drifts off and allows your subconscious mind to be a deep vessel for positive suggestions.

Watch 'What is hypnosis?' video
Watch ‘What is hypnosis?’ video

How is hypnotherapy done?

What happens when you are hypnotised?
There are several different ways to induce a trance state, or to be hypnotised:

  1. There’s the progressive relaxation approach combined with positive suggestions and mental imagery;
  2. The ‘fixed gaze’ induction – which works with some people but not others. You are instructed to fix your gaze on something (a spot, or a pendulum) and then you are gradually led into a hypnosis state.
  3. Mental confusion also works well to hypnotise someone. By mentally confusing you, notice how one hand feels really light, and the other hand feels so heavy as though a brick is weighing it down… it can become easier to just let go. 

How many hypnosis sessions will I need?

In general, you should expect to have from 4 to 6 x 1 hr hypnotherapy sessions to obtain the best results.

People often get results sooner, but you should be prepared to have that many, as research shows that you are much more likely to maintain your desired outcome because of the repetitive nature of having a number of hypnosis sessions.

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