Inner Child Therapy

About Your Inner Child

Your inner child runs or is the controller of many functions of your body, and is the emotional seat of your soul.

Ever thought that if you didn’t get emotional, you’d be so much better off? Or that you are intelligent, switched on, bright, smart, so what the heck is wrong with you that you keep making the same mistakes (or keep having learning opportunities), over and over again?

Let’s face it, if you could fix yourself through using your brain, your intellect, your rational and reasoning mind, you would have done so by now. Or, to look at this another way, what causes such a time delay between things going into the mind, and the desired output or change of behaviour?

Inner Child – also known as your Subconscious

It all comes down to your inner child who is usually around the age of 3 or 3.5 and has the emotional maturity of a child. You see, your child runs your emotions, your desires, your health, your creativity, your long term memory, your automatic habits that become patterns of thoughts, emotions or behaviours that kick in reflexively, and your lower psychic intuition.

In other words, your child does an awful lot for you, and usually gets no thanks, and is given very little reassurance or support or love or guidance, and very little structure or routine to help make life easier.

Would you treat a real physical child better than you treat yourself ? You’re not alone, most people would make sure a real child is fed nutritious food regularly, drinks plenty of water, socializes with others their own age, gets physical exercise, has fun and most importantly, feels loved. When was the last time you did all this for you?

Most people are completely unaware of the difference it makes to befriend their inner child, so inner child therapy underpins the work Narelle does with her psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy clients.

Be prepared to meet and honour your inner child and make your life a whole lot easier.

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