Some people are dreadfully depressed, and there are a variety of things you might like to do to see if you can help yourself. There are some simple things that many others before you have done, which may make a difference to your view of yourself and how you feel so as to possibly ease your depression.

Some people are naturally happy and upbeat, and everybody has the potential to learn to be happier.

Simply, it’s important to have a clear picture of what it means to be happy and confident in yourself, otherwise you won’t know when you’re there.

So, take 15 minutes and give it your best shot! Of course, this is by no means the be all and end all, it is simply to get you started on thinking about letting go of depression.

More Depression Self-Help

It means:

1.  Be optimistic.

Life has many ups and downs and to manage your internal state it is important to be appropriate in that situation. Being optimistic means that you will be less likely to get emotional, or to take things personally. You’ll look for and find solutions more quickly and easily, which means feeling less depressed, doesn’t it now?

2.  Mindfulness.

When you are mindful you are able to be aware of your emotional state, that of others, and your options in your situation. When you collapse into your emotions you cannot think clearly; it is really hard to think with clarity and is part of depression, stress and anxiety and other illnesses when you lose that ability.

3.  Don’t be a mind-reader.

How often do you mind-read other’s thoughts and feelings towards you? And are they always negative? Funny how you can’t imagine someone admiring or praising you instead, isn’t it?

4.  Know that what other people think of you is none of your business! Ouch! What someone else thinks of me must surely be my business, isn’t it? UH UH, no it’s not. It’s their business so stop it now.

5.  Understand that your thinking creates your reality with self-fulfilling prophecies. The more you put out those positive and optimistic thoughts and feelings, the more you will be able to cancel out or rescind those negatively impacting thoughts and feelings. You see if you have a good thought, followed by three ‘bad’ thoughts, you will feel down. Simple maths, really. So, more good thoughts about yourself, your world, other people and that gives more room for great feelings.

6.  You are already hypnotised into your old depressed state, so it is time to rewrite your script with a new and powerful and exciting dream for the future, and focus on it with great excitement.

Picture this: “I’m too depressed to do anything, I hate my job, I can’t find the energy to do anything, my life is a mess.” Yucko! I didn’t like that image, did you? It was just toooo depressing for words.

Now scrub that picture out, and really imagine this for you, as if it was real:  “Freshly showered, just had a delicious and nutritious meal, and have just written a list of goals to easily achieve.

I see myself achieving those goals quickly and easily in delighted and unexpected ways.  I feel in control and happy because I am doing what I want to with purpose, focus and commitment.

I feel confident and strong, ready to face the world and I look and sound that way too.”

When you imagine it, you’ll believe it, then you’ll see it happen.

© Narelle Stratford 2009