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DiSC Behavioural Profiling for Work or Home

Are you a great communicator? Or just mediocre? Are you missing out because you don’t have the necessary rapport and communication skills? For example: you’re talking to someone, and think “I’m not saying the right words because he’s just not connecting with me.”

Is it really just body Language?

Many people say, “Oh, that body language stuff, I know all about that.” without realising that body language also encompasses speech and vocal patterns, muscle tone, eye movement patterns and more.

Why don’t we all see, hear and speak the same language? And of course, I’m not talking about the country or the dialect! It can be as if someone has some other language that uses the same dialect as you, and yet comes out with completely different meanings!

If this has happened to you, or someone you know, then you are not alone. It’s not good when this happens when you are with a loved one, or a close friend, and what are the consequences when this happens in a business situation?

The Communication Maze

Can you make it through the communication maze at home or at work and still be able to get along with each other?

The answer is a categorical “YES!” if you know and understand behavioural types and the language that belongs to that behavioural type.

Do you know the right words, the right gestures, the right pitch of voice?

Do you know the right words that will switch your friends or prospective clients on? Or, conversely, the wrong words that will switch him or her off? You’ve seen the look: eyes glazing over, impatience building, a sudden shift of body from being with you to closing off from you….

You try and analyse it later – did you say the wrong thing? Was your timing out? What could you have said wrong?  And you can’t fathom it out. It’s very disappointing when the communication just doesn’t gel.

You need DiSC profile information:

With the right knowledge, anything is possible!

There is a way to change all that, and it really is quite easy when you have the right knowledge. The knowledge that allows you to interpret tone of voice, hand gestures, body movements, sentence format, and the words that we use.

Even the words we speak, in the way that we deliver them, can be thought of as a behavioural style. For example, do you know when to use longer sentences, or short, punchy sentences?

DiSC Clues for your Communication!

Do you know when to say “I think” versus “I feel”? Do you know when to be specific, or when to go big-picture? Do you know when to focus on teamwork or to take control? Think back to when you were in a group of people.

Did everyone speak in the same tone of voice, using the same sentence structure and listen and explore the conversation in the same way? Of course not!

DiSC Behavioural Style

In the 1970′s, Dr William Marsten came up with some fascinating insights into human behaviour and communication. He was able to structure his observations of communication and behaviour into four specific dimensions of behaviour. His system is known as DiSC for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

Learn the Secrets of the BEST Communicators!

With DiSC

According to Dr Marsten, each behavioural style speaks a certain way, listens a certain way, and even acts a certain way. If you knew what style your partner was, you’d then be able to adapt your language and behaviour so that you were able to easily match and mirror the language, wouldn’t you?

Matching and mirroring of speech, language and body language permits you to build a very high level of rapport, with anyone! (You’ll learn about matching and mirroring in the workshop.)

Most of us have a hit and miss approach and rely on intuition to figure out the idiosyncrasies mentioned above. But, wouldn’t you like to know the secrets to successful communication, so that it is as easy as eating icecream!

Well, you can! By taking the DiSC General & Sales Profiles, you will find out what makes you tick, and how others work as well! You will know what language to use with each person you meet. You will know what you need to emphasise: generalities versus specifics, fast action versus slower pace, big picture versus details and so on.

Think of the difference this will make to your communication. You will know how much to include and when you need to include more. You will know whether to focus on statistics, or when to throw them out the window!

Great communicators know and understand themselves, know and understand others, and are able to communicate in the same language (not just the dialect!) as the person they are with.

What will your DiSC profile do for you?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that too? No more misunderstandings.  No more errors. Only easy, comfortable communication. Think of the numerous situations you could be in when you need to modify your communication:

  • When you are with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, daughter, son, or even your in-laws
  • When you want to motivate someone to achieve their best, your tactics will work even better when you know the key to personal motivation
  • When you are managing or mentoring someone
  • When you are with a client
  • When you are with a colleague versus your child. If you were going to reprimand a colleague, wouldn’t you do it differently to the way you’d reprimand your child?
  • And how about being able to motivate a prospective client with language that moves your prospective client towards a sale? How about knowing what this client’s core fears are that will drive the client away from a sale? Taking a DiSC profile will explain your fears and your motivations, plus those of your clients, colleagues, friends and family! When you know what motivates a person, you can then be very persuasive, can’t you? (Just remember to also have integrity, because this is an application of personal power.)
  • If you are a Manager, wouldn’t you like to know the behavioural characteristics of your staff, so that you can adapt and modify your approach, to get the best results for everyone? Yes, who wouldn’t? Plus, ask someone to change their personality and you have a battle on your hands… but ask them to modify their behaviour, and notice the difference!

It’s obvious isn’t it, that everyone communicates differently? Get the keys to communication and make life so much easier for yourself!

You have the choice of different profiles:

  1. DiSC 2.0 is a slightly more detailed profile, that will help you better understand yourself and others.
  2. DiSC General Characteristics and Sales Profile is an indepth profile that provides excellent information on understanding and managing yourself, particularly in relation to a sales role or management of others.

On receipt of your payment, you will be sent the link for online completion of your DiSC profile and your profile is returned to you within 24 hours, depending on the day and time of day you submit your completed form.

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