On My Belly!

Australian Tree Kangaroo

On his belly

This past week, ‘On my belly/back’ has been the theme. A bit of a challenge for getting up and down easily, so lateral thinking has also been required. Hence my photo of this beautiful Australian tree kangaroo on his belly, don’t you just love that caramel and honey coloured fur?

How often do you practise lateral thinking, or thinking outside the square? It’s very beneficial for your brain when you practise doing things differently and assists in rewiring neural networks. The end result is as good as regeneration of brain cells which no-one has yet managed to do.

Remember we are creatures of habit who run on auto-pilot and this causes entrenched thinking styles, entrenched emotional patterns and entrenched behaviours or actions.

What’s wrong with that, I hear you say?

We live in a changing world and hopefully you agree with me about that: climate, jobs, economy, family groups (think separation, divorce, moving to different countries, moving interstate, changed friendship groups and probably lots more). Change actually equates to stress for the majority of people, and stress causes illness. So being able to adapt to change quickly and easily, means that you are better able to cope with stress.

How can we practise being adaptable if we are creatures of habit? Easy! Get online and practise Sudoku, crosswords, brainteasers, puzzles and the like, and keep your brain active. The more active your brain is, the less entrenchment occurs so you might instead be able to flourish in this changing world.