Desire a Wealthy Spirit?

Bali_2011_Lush Rice paddies

Lush Rice paddies

It’s time to hold a Wealthy Spirit Retreat! Having written that, I’m uncertain of dates or where it might be held!

It adds a bit of excitement to life when we don’t know everything that is going to eventuate!

Yes, yes, planning issues, I know!

What is a Wealthy Spirit Retreat?

What will it encompass? A better question might be: what do you want to learn about? What would you like to resolve?

Previous retreats have been on increasing spiritual knowledge and awareness, combined with prioritising your values for your life arenas, understanding and meeting your Sub-conscious identity, gaining knowledge of your High Self, Conscious Self and Sub-conscious so that all three work together in harmony to create a rich and wealthy spirit inside of you.

Also included has been healing work, and of course fun stuff!

I’m leaning towards a similar programme, with a focus on 1 of the following:

  1. Weight challenges, particularly those who are overweight
  2. Relationship – desire to have a relationship
  3. Couples Relationship Enhancement – for those who have had problems in the past or are struggling now
  4. Bounce-backability!  enhancing your inner relationship and taking the outward active steps needed to keep yourself whole and intact.
  5. Open to suggestions!

Below are some photos from the retreat in Bali and a little extra information on some of our other activities, which I’m sure will be included in future retreats. Massages, healing trips, sightseeing and of course, wonderful food!

Here is what one beautiful soul had to say about the Wealthy Spirit Retreat held in Bali:

“It certainly was a fantastic retreat,which is a reflection of Narelle and Jennifer who ran it,Thank You, only two words, but big meanings. As for our group seemed to be hand picked,everyone so compatible,loving,caring people. When my mind goes back to Kumara, I am sure my face says it all,with a littlle smile, contentment.and sheer bliss. Take care my beautiful friends with much love.” CAS, Australia - The Wealthy Spirit Retreat, February 2011, Ubud, Bali

Balinese Offering ClassBali_2011_Lush Rice paddiesNarelle visits the Balinese healer

We also got fitter and healthier with the fantastic food, loads of raw salads and veggies, vegetarian for those who wanted it, and a great opportunity to taste new dishes for those who wanted to sample.  Juices, herbal ginger tea and even desserts were also offered at lunch and dinner.

We had a visit to a local palm reader, and also the healer mentioned in the book , “Eat, Love, Pray”. We definitely enjoyed the massages and huge tub!

Interested? Possibly interested and not yet sure?

Please call Narelle 0412 251 196, or contact so you can find out more.

Some of us even lost weight, probably due to the body cleaning out the old, the increased consumption of fresh salads, fruit and vegetables and the juices and water and of course the daily yoga practice.

“Everything was excellent and amazing
and I would have to come back.”
SD, Sydney
- The Wealthy Spirit Retreat, February 2011, Ubud, Bali

Sightseeing time was also included, with some optional extras. We went walking through the rice paddy and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with informal discussion at a restaurant in the middle of the rice paddy! Later we went to the market in Ubud for some fun shopping.

We had serious moments, photographic moments and many laughs together.

Sunrise Lake BaturFamous Rice TerracesNarelles Flower OfferingsTirta Empul Balinese Purification Springs

Interested? Possibly interested and not yet sure?

Please call Narelle 0412 251 196, or contact so you can find out more.

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